Uncovering the Truth About Scalp Med. Is it a Scam?

If you suffer from hair loss and are looking for a hair restoration product then there is one product that you might already be aware of – Scalp Med.  Scalp Med is a product that says that it is clinically proven to help regrow hair – quite a statement!  You can see this promise on the packaging on the product in the photo that I took below:

Scalp Med Scam - or is it?

Scalp Med – Clinically Proven to Help Regrow Hair

Now this is quite an interesting statement for a couple of reasons:

  1. Would Scalp Med be allowed to place that statement on their advertising if it wasn’t true (from a legal perspective)?
  2. Scalp Med would have to be pretty darn confident about their product to make such a bold claim.

Now, at the time of writing this blog there are no Scalp Med complaints listed on any of the federal or governmental websites that have been followed up via court action.  Does Scalp Med work?  Well, that’s the next interesting point… and why I put this blog together.

What I am going to do is use Scalp Med on a daily basis for around 3 months to see if it actually does work – if Scalp Med is a Scam then I will tell you about it and put the results up on this blog.

What’s In Scalp Med?

OK, so in terms of ingredients let’s take a closer look at that.  If the ingredients in Scalp Med are genuine and proven to help with hair loss then surely that means Scalp Med is not a scam right?

One look at the packaging when opening the box shows that Scalp Med has two main ingredients.  Vitadil-5A and Vitadil-2A.  According to the company these both contain FDA-Approved formulas to help with hair growth.  Good start so far! (You can visit the FDA website here).

The active ingredient of these two formulas and products is something called Minoxidil.  According to Wikipedia, Minoxidil is (and I fully quote the Wiki entry here:

Minoxidil is an antihypertensive vasodilator medication. It also slows or stops hair loss and promotes hair regrowth. Now off-patent, it is available over-the-counter for the treatment of androgenic alopecia. Widely used for the treatment of hair loss, it has been proven clinically effective in both the prevention of loss and in establishing varying degrees of hair re-growth in males and females suffering pattern baldness.

If you want to read the remainder of this Wikipedia entry then I would recommend you visit the site to read in full.

Now, taking everything into account that I can see so far, there is absolutely no reason at all to think why people would think Scalp Med was a scam.  It has the right ingredients, it’s clinically tested (apparently) and on top of that, you just need to look at the cool before and after photos that they have on their website – check the photo below.

Photos of real users of Scalp Med and the results.

Photos of real users of Scalp Med and the results.

I really love the look of the results from Scalp Med shown in these photos. What I am gonna do is get started with the new box I’ve got (see photo) and then start posting the results on this blog when I next get a chance.

My new box of Scalp Med.  Ready to get started!

My new box of Scalp Med. Ready to get started!

Video: Opening Up a Box Of Scalp Med

Here is another cool video found on Youtube.  This one shows some guy unwrapping the Scalp Med box.  If you have ever wondered what the contents of the product look like and wanted to know what you get if you buy Scalp Med online then this video is for you.  I’ve pasted it into this blog post so you can see for yourself.

As you can see, the Scalp Med hair loss product comes with some interesting branding – basically it says that Scalp Med is proven to work and even offers a cash prize for people who send in their before and after photos – NICE!

This video was all part of a Scalp Med Reviews channel on Youtube which I have now subscribed to – I would recommend that you do that as well if you are thinking about buying it yourself as it seems to be updated very regularly with new videos and testimonials from people who are already using Scalp Med to get results.

Meanwhile, if you were wondering how my use of Scalp Med was coming along ever since my first blog posts on the matter – well I’ve not had a lot of chances to use it yet or even take any photos so I am sorry about that.  I do hope to get on with this in the next couple of weeks so will continue to update you as I can so you can follow my progress.

Laters guy! :-)


Scalp Med Reviews on Facebook

Scalp Med Reviews on FacebookI found this interesting link today on Facebook.  There’s a page dedicated to Scalp Med Reviews.  The Facebook page is relatively new by the looks of things but there are loads of photos on there, videos, and other pieces of content designed to help people with hair loss decide whether or not they want to buy Scalp Med.  I’ve not liked the page myself yet, but will be keeping a close eye on it to see if it regularly updates with any information on scams, or any other Scalp Med stuff – click here to check the Facebook page: Scalp Med Reviews.

One of the videos on there caught my eye – so much so that I’ve decided to embed here on my blog.  The video is also about Scalp Med Reviews and highlights a website dedicated to the subject.  You can view the video below or click the link to go check it out if you would rather do that.  – Scalp Med Reviews on Youtube.

Is Scalp Med a Scam?

As you can see, I’ve not put much into this blog yet, but I plan to expose the truth about Scalp Med.  For example, is it a scam?  There are a number of websites on the net which talk about the Scalp Med scam, but I aim to be the first one that really gets to the crux of the issue and tells it straight and how it is – so please bookmark this page and come back soon to find out more.

FYI this is a photo of what my hair looks like today – I will be trying Scalp Med out over a period of three months to see what kind of results I can get.

What my hair looks like before Scalp Med testing.

What my hair looks like before Scalp Med testing.